There are currently three DHS-authorized bleeding control programs in the United States. To teach an official Stop The Bleed class, you should affiliate with one of these organizations.

First Care Provider (FCP) raises awareness of the need for civilian response to disaster.

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) STOP THE BLEED® program is administered by the ACS Committee on Trauma (ACS COT).

You Are the Help Until Help Arrives is the official bystander bleeding control program of the Department of Homeland Security.

Each organization will have difference criteria for becoming an instructor. In general, a Stop The Bleed instructor should:

  • Have some level of medical training (first aid, EMT, allied health, nurse, physician, etc.) and be able to adequately answer questions related to the anatomy and physiology of injury and bleeding.
  • Have familiarity with current evidence-based bleeding control recommendations as put forth by the organizations above.
  • Be willing to offer classes at free or reduced-price to ensure the best proliferation of knowledge and skill possible within the community.